Who Murdered Elvis?


It’s time to revisit 1977 and Elvis Presley’s final days in a way that no one else ever has. Grab your thinking cap and join author Steve Ubaney in volume I of his five volume “Who Murdered?” book series, as he probes every part of Presley’s mysterious death, FBI involvement, and the sinister forces at work during the final days of his career. We have been told all the lies for decades, now it’s time to answer some very pointed questions.

Why has history ignored the 1990 television interview where Elvis’ doctor not only claimed that Elvis was murdered but named the murderer? (This Current Affair interview still exists on youtube but no one speaks of it.) Why did the City of Memphis, and the Shelby County District Attorney, ignore the evidence of foul play? Why were the first words out of Vernon Presley’s mouth, upon learning of his son’s death, “my God, they’ve murdered my son!?” Why did Vernon hire two Private Investigators to find the murderer?

If it was a medical fact that Elvis was allergic to Codeine, are we really expected to believe that Codeine appeared in his Toxicology report but there was there no sign of anaphylaxis in his body? Are we really expected to believe that the Investigator’s photos and notes of the death scene were stolen from his car by coincidence? What you haven’t been told is shocking. This book exposes the massive cover-up that has kept the truth from being told to the public and will change the way you look at Elvis Presley, his career, and his mysterious death forever. It did not happen as we were told. Can you handle the truth?

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Who Murdered Elvis?

Volume I of the Who Murdered?  book series digs into the death of Elvis Presley. After an exhaustive five year investigation into the facts of the case Mr. Ubaney determined that Elvis’ death was not natural. With a flair for organization and methodical thought his book dissects the decades of lies and uses newly uncovered information to show how the murder could have happened and how the murderer might have escaped.

The book screens the possible suspects through the necessary steps of motive, means and opportunity revealing the one person who was responsible for his murder. This in depth and highly controversial book has taken on conventional wisdom and has struck a blow for truth and justice everywhere.  Revered by most fans (and hated by some others for speaking the truth) this book has dared to spit in the eye of Graceland and its multi-million dollar enterprise.  In doing so the book has been banned from bookstores in Memphis as what it reveals is just too dangerous. In the end it will be up to you to determine if this forbidden knowledge is a conspiracy book written by a conspiracy author or a reality book written by a reality author.

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