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Who Murdered JFK?


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Interested in learning more about President John F Kennedy and the JFK shooting? The new book “Who Murdered JFK?” contains newly uncovered information from Secret Service agents and Parkland hospital in Dallas. The time has come to debunk JFK’s assassination once and for all.


Mr. Ubaney has been fascinated with the JFK shooting throughout his entire life. During the writing of Mr. Ubaney’s first two books he had the unique opportunity of befriending many of the original investigators of President Kennedy’s assassination as their research on other subjects crossed paths. Three men in particular: Mark Lane, Dr. Cyril Wecht and Steve Jaffe rekindled Mr. Ubaney’s  interest in the assassination. President John F. Kennedy, JFK shooting, JFK death, John F.


Mark Lane was a criminal defense attorney and friend of President Kennedy and his brother Robert. He was the first person in history to publicly criticize the work of the Warren Commission and prove that there had been a conspiracy to murder the President in his 1966 bestselling book, Rush to judgment. Lane would later be instrumental in forming the House Senate Committee on Assassinations in 1977 to have the assassination reopened and thoroughly investigated. In 1991 he authored another book on the assassination entitled Plausible Denial further implying that the CIA has conspired to assassinate JFK.


Dr. Cyril Wecht is a world famous Forensic Pathologist whose critique of the Warren Commissions findings in 1965 catapulted him to stardom. Dr. Wecht, already an accomplished and well respected  Forensic Pathologist, was the first civilian given permission to examine the assassination evidence and to discover that Kennedy’s brain along with all related data pertaining to the assassination were missing.


Dr. Wecht is the only Forensic Pathologist to disagree with the highly promoted single bullet theory and at the House Senate Committee on Assassinations he repeatedly testified in opposition to the government’s promotion of their fictitious narrative.


Steve Jaffe was deputized in 1967 by the New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison and assisted Garrison with the 1969 arrest and trial of New Orleans businessman Clay Shaw. Garrison had received information that Shaw had been involved in the assassination of the president. Jaffe, who was also an assistant to Mark Lane, took on so many key roles that they could be listed.


Among other things, Jaffe was charged with the responsibility of flying to France to retrieve the Zapruder film for viewing on American TV.  The now famous home movie taken by Abraham Zapruder is a silent, color motion picture sequence of the assassination. Without his bravery and dedication we would never have seen the film which was released for public viewing in 1976. It was the public’s outrage to the film that made the House Senate Committee on Assassinations possible.


The allure of trying his hand at solving the most famous murder in American history was too great to be suppressed, and with the input of the aforementioned his book idea began to take shape. In April of 2016 Mr. Ubaney made the necessary phone calls to the three men to discuss the book project and their potential involvement.  The project was scheduled to begin in June but on the afternoon of May 11th 2016 Mr. Ubaney received a very disturbing phone call.  His long time friend Mark Lane had died suddenly of a heart attack.


Lane’s death sent shock waves through the community of JFK researchers and was a crushing blow to Mr. Ubaney .  Forced to proceed in his absence Mr. Ubaney felt very strongly that the book, now delayed, be dedicated to Mark’s memory. Without Mark Lane and his fifty three year pursuit of the truth none of this would have been possible.


Mark Lane, author of Rush to Judgement and Steve Ubaney, author of Who Murdered Elvis? 2013 | steveubaney.com

Mark Lane with Steve Ubaney


  Mark Lane, Oliver Stone and Dr. Cyril Wecht 2013 | steveubaney.com
Mark Lane  –  Oliver Stone  –  Cyril Wecht
(Photos taken at the Cyril Wecht Institute at Duquesne University “Passing the Torch Symposium.” 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of JFK 2013)


With the enactment of the 1992 JFK Records Act (AKA: President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992) the United States government is committed to release everything that it has on the assassination on October 26, 2017.  Who Murdered JFK? will be the first  book ever published including the newly released information.


For Mr. Ubaney this book will break the mold. Until now all of his books in this series were written about famous people that history has ignored as being murdered. This book will be very different as everyone knows of the murder but the investigation using the new found facts will riveting.  Because of it’s timing this book will make history. In a recent conversation, life-long JFK researcher, Gary Fannin, has agreed to write the forward to the book.

  • Fun Fact:  The US government will release all of its JFK records on October 26th. That’s the same day as the gunfight at the OK corral 136 years prior.