The art of research

Research is the key to writing any non-fiction work, but all research is not created equally. This is partly because the search of fact and the search of truth are different. The secret to doing effective research is knowing the difference between these and how to apply them. This lecture walks you through the process in detail and shows you how to avoid the many pitfalls.


Writing for effect

Have you ever read a book that you just can’t put down? It was written that way on purpose. Controlling the literally climax is an artform that writers have struggled for years to perfect but it’s not really that to do when you know the tricks involved. This lecture will show the tricks of the trade, so you can get started on your best seller.


The steps involved in a book launch

There is more to launching a book than just finishing a manuscript. There are many additional things to consider. Should you self-publish or go through a Literary Agent? Should you do an audiobook or an eBook? In what order should you do these?  This lecture will walk you through the nuances of the process so you know what you’re in for. Everyone who desires to publish could learn from this lecture.


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