Finding the person within

So often in life we get bogged down with tasks that we start to become robots to the daily grind. When this happens, we start to lose track of our internal voice. This lecture retrains our brains to listen internally, so you can understand your true path in life. These techniques help you get in tune with the person within. Most of us don’t know our true talents but they always define who you are and sometimes others can see them even if we can’t.


The art of “getting things done”

We all know them. People who are constantly working on things but never make any progress. These people are close cousins to those who make new years resolutions that last about 45 minutes. Laugh if you want to but it’s true. This lecture reveals proven techniques on how to identify and remove the stumbling blocks in your life. Those stumbling blocks may include negative people, negative actions and things that absorb your time and return nothing. Nothing is more important to your success than “getting things done” and this lecture will show you how.


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